Monday, February 7, 2011

rFactor 2 - Drying Line Video

Image Space Incorporated has released new preview video of the rFactor 2 weather system.

Starting out at full wet at the start of the session and scheduled to get lighter then stop raining about half way through, this is obviously a lot less random than most races racers may do when the product is released. Things to watch out for include clouds and shadows shifting (according to wind and sun direction), light coming and going according to the clouds moving overhead, the wet reflectiveness going away, the rubber build up and eventually the marbles, too. Things to note are that this is work-in-progress.

The laps to create the dry line were done with AI. When a human is driving (or the AI decides multiple lines work) where you drive actually determines where on the track is dried or rubbered in. You can see a dry and then rubber line starting to build into the pitlane as well as around the race track. There was also two incidents going into that turn which created additional skidmarks on the apex and just outside of the apex during the 1hr 30mins the footage was captured from. Usually I captured each 5 seconds just after a pack of cars had passed, the racing line would get partially wet again shortly afterwards before the next group.

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