Saturday, February 19, 2011

netKar Pro – 1.3 Beta B Released

Kunos Simulazioni has released an update for their new version of netKar PRO 1.3 Beta.

- Fixed crash in multiplayer races when client leaving the session
- Added the option to disable autoclutch in the Vintage
- Fixed unrealistic wheel steer for all the cars
- Fixed steer ratio range on the Vintage
- Added setup item to enable brake power editing on the Osella
- Fixed tyre audio skid levels on the Osella
- Fixed wing mirrors on the Vintage
- Fixed Osella appearing as “FTarget” in the time monitor
- Fixed driver face on the Osella
- Fixed range on the power multiplier on the Vintage
- Removed wrong 6th gear ratio setup on the Osella
- Fixed cockpit camera position on the Osella and Vintage
- Improved Vintage GT SFX sound

Licence for netKar PRO costs €14.90. You will get 5 circuits with various configurations, 1 hill-climb track Trento-Bondone and 8 different cars.

Download netKar Pro 1.3 Beta B Update (2.6MB)

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