Tuesday, October 19, 2010

rFactor 2 - WIP Karting Track Screenshots

Image Space Incorporated has released a new WIP (work in progress) screenshots showing the Quebec karting track.

Scott Juliano from ISI has posted a new progress report about track development:

Well, it's been a couple weeks so I thought I'd drop in and give you all another update. We just completed the second pass on yet another track, so only one to go now. Of course, the last one is the mother of all tracks in rF2, so Luc and I will have our work cut out for us for the next two or three weeks. Anyway, I grabbed a couple quick screen grabs tonight of the track and sent them on to Tim, so perhaps he'll put those up tomorrow....

In other news, a new track license opportunity presented itself today. If we can work out the details and secure it the track will make a great addition to rF2. Licenses usually take a while to sort themselves out, so if we can't get it in time for the initial release, we can certainly include it in a post-release update as we did with Lienz and the IBM tracks for rF1. Either way, I've got my finger's crossed for this one...

Lastly, Gjon and I discussed today a new track for you dirt lovers out there. Gjon is very keen on getting proper dirt physics in for the initial release of rF2, and this could be the other track Luc and I build if we have time remaining before release. Again, if not, it will make a fine post-release addition. The new dynamic road features should fit very well with dirt racing assuming we get the controllability over it that we want in each track's .gdb file.

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