Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gran Turismo 5 - Taiwan Press Event

Sony hosted a Gran Turismo 5 press event in Taiwan where a few more new details and trailer were released.

* You’ll be able to select clothing for your A-Spec driver

* The online portion of the game will be connected to “Global Servers”. While it is not entirely clear what this means, it likely indicates that different versions of the game (NTSC, PAL) will be compatible with one another. As you may recall, in GT5 Prologue, in online events you would only be matched with other players using your respective version, preventing US players from playing with those from Europe, and vice-versa.

* The Gran Turismo 5 “Racing Pack” will be sold in China as well as Japan, but the Chinese version also gets a unique GT-branded glass, humorously described by Google Translator as a “specimen collection cup”.

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