Monday, October 25, 2010

netKar PRO - Interview with Stefano Casillo (Kunos)

Radical News has published an interview with Stefano Casillo, the producer of netKar PRO and Ferrari Virtual Academy simulation.

We are proud to bring you an interview with a legend in simulation developer. His name is Stefano Casillo, which might not ring a bell with all of you but to the true simracer this man is a genius! For others, the name KUNOS might rings some bells. Stefano is known for his excellent simulator Netkar which, was available free of charge in the early 2000s. Next, he developed netKar PRO with his enterprise and more recently many of you will know the title Ferrari Virtual Academy (FVA), which also shows the possibilities of his enterprise. We have been extremely fortunate to sit down with the maestro and find out a little more about the man behind the coder of arguably, the best single seater simracing experience currently out there.  Read more ...

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