Friday, May 21, 2010

SBK- X Demo Officially Announced

Black Bean Games officially announced that SBK-X Demo is available for Xbox Live Gold members, while Silver members, Playstation Network and PC users can download it starting from the 26th May.

The game is the latest Superbike game to be produced by Black Bean Games and hopes to increase its fanbase with the inclusion of an “arcade” mode which was seen by gamers as a necessary addition as the gameplay due to the previous Superbike games being thought to be a little too focused on the simulation side of things with no option to drastically change any of this.

For the first time in the SBK gaming franchise, you will be able to challenge more than 90 real drivers on the official circuits, create and customize your own biker and race in the 3 different classes: Superbike, Supersport and Superstock 1000. Fun and realism through the Arcade and Simulation mode, with the chance to achieve goals in your career and enjoy a solid multiplayer game mode up to 16 players.

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