Monday, May 3, 2010 - 2010 Season 2 Build News

The 2010 Season 2  build includes a number of new and improved features designed to enhance the iRacing system. High on the list is additional support for multi-class/car racing including the ability to create hosted sessions for up to three different car types.

Another new feature is sector split/delta times which keep track of both a driver’s best overall lap and best times through each sector of the track. There will be seven different display modes, ideally leading to faster and more consistent driving.  The new build also includes enhancements to voice and text chat as well as additional patterns and sponsor decals on many cars.

There are also a number of developments to the cars themselves including improved tires and physical collision models for the Star Mazda and Corvette C6.R, better torque distribution on the Impala SS A and B, Silverado and Late Models, and a spoiler in place of the rear wing on the Impala SS A.

For all the details on the new build, check this article posted few days ago.

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