Saturday, July 30, 2011

netKar PRO - Trailer v1.3

Kunos Simulazioni recently have launched their official YouTube channel. They also have released a video trailer highlighting new features of the netKar PRO v1.3 simulation listed below:

- New shaders
- Improved track textures (Aosta)
- Improved tyre lighting

- Weather conditions
- Puddles
- Tarmac reflections
- Thunder and lightning effects

- New Tyre model

- Reduced server CPU usage when idle
- Added "Damage Level" setting

Additional contents
- Classic GT Vintage
- Osella PA21-S
- Trento-Bondone Hillclimb Course

Licence for netKar PRO costs €14.90. You will get 5 circuits with various configurations, 1 hill-climb track Trento-Bondone and 8 different cars. You can also try new addon circuits made by simracing community.

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