Friday, July 15, 2011 - PTR Pedal Mod for Logitech G25/G27 presents the PTR Pedals, a load cell Logitech pedal mod by Tommy and Shaun have raced on these pedals for a while and it's time to tell you exactly how they perform.

- Longer and more ergonomic pedals for greater comfort and longer throw. It also improves throttle feel and precision as well
- Precision load cell - 35kg (~77lbs) high-quality - to measure braking pressure/force
- Automotive quality rubber inserts - very durable material which provides a progressive feel for the brake pedal while maintaining most of the stock pedal throw
- Progressive resistance. Feeling wise these pedals are right in between non-servo racing brakes and street-car brakes
- Pedal height modelled after Tilton and Willwood racing pedals and the pedal faces are adjustable in two positions
- Stainless steel construction - very strong and very durable
- Load cell amplifier - excellent quality
- Improved resolution and refresh rate by using Leo Bodnar's excellent USB controller -recommended, sold separately for windows users
- PS3 compatible
- DIY installation is easy and requires only basic tools

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