Friday, April 15, 2011

RACE On - GT Power Expansion announced

SimBin has announced that the third expansion pack for the award winning PC racing game RACE 07 will be released next week.

Three high profile exotic GT sport cars are ready to hammer around new tracks from both sides of the old iron curtain. Also two completely new and exciting race tracks will make their debut in the “GT Power Pack”: “Mid-Ohio” and “Chayka”. “Mid Ohio” is often named as “the best road course” in the USA whereas “Chayka” is the first track out of the former Soviet Union to make it to a SimBin title.


- Three of the coolest super cars currently prowling racetracks around the world:
     - Pagani Zonda R
     - BMW M3 GT2
     - Matech Ford GT1

- Two new race tracks:
     - Mid-Ohio
     - Chayka

GT Power Expansion will be available April 19, 2011, selling for €4,99 on Steam and

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