Saturday, April 16, 2011

Live for Speed – New Test Patch

Developer of Live for Speed simulator, Scawen Roberts, talks about their progress:

Dear LFS Racers,

Since the release of Z28 there have been various fixes and improvements that were not related to the new physics. Some of them were already added into my Z28 compatible version as well as the new version. But until now there weren't enough significant updates to release a new version, while Z28 was so stable.

NOTE : This patch is mainly compatible with Z28, so does NOT have the new tyre physics, the VW Scirocco or any S3 content. It is an intermediate update with some interesting improvements for LFS while I continue with the tyre physics. The new version can connect to Z28 hosts, but Z28 cannot connect to the new version's hosts.

The main things in this patch :
- New free view in SHIFT+U mode - not bounded by the path
- Improved collisions with unmovable objects (e.g. red barriers)
- Number of autocross objects increased to 800 (was 512)
- Open track configurations allowing you to drive anywhere
- Collision detection and reporting system (via InSim)
- Graphical optimisations improving frame rates
- Many other fixes and improvements

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