Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RaceRoom.net - Promotional video

SimBin has released a new promotional video for the RaceRoom.net showing some features of the new portal.

RaceRoom Online is the ultimate racing platform for all racing fans, gamers and online users from all over the world. It is the perfect place to go in order to enjoy authentic virtual racing feeling and to meet the virtual racing community. On RaceRoom Online people will have the chance to compete in numerous racing games with the international community. The portal is launched in “public beta” and the development team will be very busy gathering data and comments from members already from the first day of operation.

Features of RaceRoom Online include:
- Free membership!
- Free access to authentic racing games on the highest level
- Exclusive news and media directly from SimBin
- Exclusive downloadable content
- Community hub supplying news, spotlights and events from fan sites around the globe.
- Discussion forum and member created portal content
- Fun and challenges for beginners, advanced, semi- and pro drivers
- Real cars, Real tracks, Real stars, Real Racing – REAL ENTERTAINMENT!

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