Tuesday, November 16, 2010

netKar PRO - 1.2B Update

Kunos Simulazioni has released a new version of netKar PRO 1.2B with several fixes:

- Fixed FormulaKS2 windscreen hiding remote cars
- Fixed fog not correctly displayed
- Added “fog.ini” to allow per track fog customization. See “tracks/prato/fog.ini” for a reference.
- Fixed dds texture failing to load when quality level is not full and the file contains mipmaps.
- Added loading bar to KTO files
- Fixed cutoff timing on the KS2
- Fixed triple screen scenery pop-up
- Added option to disable gamma ramp correction (DISABLEGAMMA in nk3d.ini)
- Fixed sliding vector having wrong magnitude in the tyre model

Licence for netKar PRO costs €19.90. You will get 5 circuits with various configurations and 6 five different cars, including 5  formula cars and the Fiat 500 Abarth.

Download netKar Pro 1.2B

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