Friday, July 30, 2010 - 2010 Season 3 Build has updated their online racing simulation to a new software build for the 3rd season of 2010. Here is the message from their newsletter: just released the 2010 Season 3 build which includes tons of improvements and enhancements. We’ve told you from the beginning that the development never stops here at iRacing and we think our latest update to the world’s premier racing simulation software is our best one yet.

Night Racing is here
This long awaited feature has been added to iRacing with night racing at Richmond International Raceway. Whether you already own Richmond, or you purchase it today, the night version is FREE to you.

Online myRacer Status Indicator
Finding your friends on iRacing just got a whole lot easier. When you login to the home page you will see where your friends are racing and you’ll be able to join them with one click!

Fixed Setup Racing
Fixed setup racing is now available in both hosted sessions as well as a limited number of official iRacing series.

Spectator Mode
Watch races right on the member site. No need to wait for the replay anymore.

Updated Transmission Model
Members asked for more realism, and this new model will answer that call. You’ll need to learn to drive properly by shifting into and out of gears exactly as you do in a real world racecar. Don’t worry though, if the realism goes too far, you can choose to stick with the current transmission model.

Website Usability Improvements
We’ve improved the overall navigation through the site as well as eliminated the need for so many clicks when you just want to go racing.

Pocono Raceway
Coming mid-season. Including all road course configurations.

Dover International Speedway
Coming in this fall. The "Monster Mile" joins the ever growing list of NASCAR tracks at

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
Scanning has been completed. This track is going in to immediate production.

New Member Forums
Coming mid-season. An entire new look-and-feel, with increased functionality.

Williams FW31
Coming in Season 4, 2010.

The new features and improvements listed above are just the tip of the iceberg for this build. Check out the complete build notes here for more information on these and to read about the rest of the build.

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