Friday, December 23, 2011 - This Week In Sim Racing - December 17th 2011 presents new episode of the "This Week In Sim Racing" show. In this episode they get to see some real life Pro race car drivers fight it out in iRacing. The event is done in true IROC fashion running in both oval and road to declare the overall champion. They also cover the all girls race at Okayama in the Mazda MX5. There is news from ISI about RFactor 2, Simbin on GTR3, Eutechnyx about Nascar 2011 and from Codemasters about Dirt Showdown. They then have some exclusive footage of Ridge Racer UnboundedThen to top things off a new Simrig of the Week sponsored by Tamiya in addition to a review of the paddle shifters for the DFGT by Gran Turgismo.

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