Friday, October 28, 2011 - Thrustmaster TH8RS Review presents an exclusive first look and review of the Thrustmaster TH8RS Shifter for the PC and the PS3. This stylish shifter is mostly made of metal and has gates that look like they are right out of a supercar. It is an 8 speed shifter that works as a stand alone device and even works with Gran Turismo when used with a T500RS wheel.

Thrustmaster TH8 RS features a 5.12" tall stick with a removable knob. The TH8 RS includes two interchangeable shift plates, each suited to a specific configuration – H-pattern and Sequential. Thrustmaster has designed the TH8 RS with unrivalled precision, by including Hall Effect AccuRate Technology™ featuring magnetic sensors. Avoiding usage of potentiometers or tact switches eliminates wear due to contact, thus delivering an unlimited product lifespan.

The TH8 RS will be available in November 2011 at the suggested retail price of $149.99.

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