Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - Driverpod-pro review presents their review of the Driverpod Pro. The Driverpod Pro is a wheel stand equipped to hold your favorite wheel and pedal set. Shaun Cole takes you through assembly, setup and and adjustments in this detailed review of the rig.

With large mounting areas of 23cm’s x 47cm’s for the wheel and 37cm’s x 62cm’s for the pedals you will find both the Driverpod-pro and the Driverpod give you enough area to mount most wheels and pedals.

The Driverpod-pro and Driverpod give you so much adjustability that you will find you never have to drive in your socks again, unless of course you want to. The ease of adjustment means you can quickly and easily make changes to pedal set up, so when you’ve got your friends round and your all having a go at racing, everyone feels comfortable with their choice of pedal position.

Drivepod will cost you £335 + shipping, Driverpod-pro will cost you £365 + shipping.

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