Monday, August 1, 2011

rFactor 2 - Tire Model Preview Video

Image Space Incorporated has released two preview videos of the rFactor 2 simulation showing a new tire model in action.

The newly written tire model, which accurately models the heat, wear, deformation and performance changes a tire undergoes in a racing situation. The videos below demonstrate the basics and shows you some of the damage done to the tire with both normal usage and when mistreated.

Featuring immersive animations, changes to the racing line including rubber build-up and marbles, day-night-day transitions, wet-dry transitions and this truly dynamic tire model on all it’s cars, rFactor 2 will bring a truly dynamic experience to your racing.

Full description of these 2 videos you can read at official rFactor 2 website.

Second video that highlights the tire deformation is hidden below.

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